Private Festival (Matsuri) Tour Packages

Japan is famed for its colourful and extravagant matsuri (festivals), especially during the summer season. Our private package tours will allow you enjoy these unique Japanese festivals, from the summer hanabi (fireworks) festivals to the springtime flower festivals & hanabi (cherry blossom viewing) parties. Book your tour online, put on a kimono and experience a once in a lifetime slide of Japanese culture.

What's included in our tours?

Each tour includes different things, but some of the more common inclusions (or add-ons) are: Tour Companions, Local Guides (Region Experts), Private Transportation (we offer three types of private transport you can choose from; Toyota Alphard, Hiace Grand Cabin and Hiace Luxury Cabin). Meals and additional expenses are not included in the tour price.

Hitachi Nemophila Festival Private Package Tour
The Mesmerizing Blue Sea of Nemophila

Hitachi Nemophila Festival (from Tokyo)


~ USD 102.06

1 Day (9 Hours)
Availability : April 25〜May 13
THIS TOUR STARTS FROM A LOCATION OF YOUR CHOICE IN TOKYO. You can pick your hotel, Haneda Airport, a train […]
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