Step inside the Seven Stars in Kyushu

An elegant cruise train that prides itself on the exquisite blend of Japanese & Western traditions;
both new and old, through its use of wood and fabric throughout the interior

Feel the breath of Kyushu’s nature, travel on one-of-a-kind cars built with various artisans’ skills and passion.

Savor phenomenal dishes made with care by renowned chefs, receive heartwarming hospitality from the locals and crew.


A journey through Kyushu, a beautiful area rich in nature

The route is a 4 day journey through 5 out of the 7 prefectures of Kyushu: Fukuoka - Oita - Miyazaki - Kagoshima - Kumamoto
The plan includes a one-night stay at a Ryokan (Japanese-style inn) in Yufuin City, one of the best hot spring destinations in Japan.

Train Introduction

Step inside the Seven Stars in Kyushu

Onboard are special suites that combine beauty and function. Each room is equipped with a shower, toilet, and air conditioning.
Special functions unique to this train will provide you with a satisfying and relaxing sleep.

The Lounge Car “Blue Moon” is a saloon on wheels, where you can sip drinks at the bar and mingle with fellow passengers in the
modern Japanese atmosphere as the pleasant sound of the live piano performance tinkles in the background.

The dining car Jupiter serves dishes exclusive to each journey on the Cruise Train. Using seasonal ingredients, Kyushu’s master chefs
prepare each meal with care. Your dining experience here is sure to make your trip even more exceptional."

Encounter the beauty of Kyushu via the Seven Stars in Kyushu