Amazing Kanazawa

A city preserved in rich culture and tradition
A city preserved in rich culture and tradition
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Option 01: Kanazawa Castle (Recommended)

Kanazawa Castle stands in substantial park grounds in the center of Kanazawa City, and is just across the road from Kanazawa’s other big attraction, Kenrokuen Garden. The castle has played a central role in Kanazawa’s history and though once neglected, it has been extensively rebuilt and renovated in recent years. Kanazawa Castle was the seat of the Maeda Clan’s power over the Kaga Domain, which was the wealthiest han, or fief, in Edo Period Japan, now divided into Ishikawa and Toyama Prefectures. The castle’s thick outer walls still stand ranked and angled like a massive ziggurat, while in its day the Ni-no-maru (second bailey) residence was so expansive that it was known as the Palace of 1,000 Tatami Mats.

Entrance fee (separated from Tour price, to be purchased on the spot)>
Adults : JPY310 per person / Elementary-High school  JPY100 per person

Option 02: 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art (Recommended)

The 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa which has achieved fame as a one-of-a-kind museum and for being a bold initiative, boasts over two million annual visitors and is now a sightseeing highlight in Kanazawa along with Kanazawa Castle and Kenrokuen Garden. This could be accomplished because of its novel concept that provides increased opportunities for physical activities and inclusiveness, gaining popularity among the locals and elementary school children, and its innovative curation process.

Entrance fee (separated from Tour price, to be purchased on the spot)>
Adults : JPY1,000 per person / Elementary-High school  JPY700 per person

Closing day : Every monday and national holiday

Option 03: Higashi Chaya (Recommended)

Chaya is a traditional place of feasts and entertainment, where geisha (traditional female Japanese entertainers) have been entertaining people by performing dances and playing Japanese traditional musical instruments since the Edo period. The central part of Kanazawa was dotted with a number of chaya houses in the past. These chaya houses were moved into three districts distant from the central part in 1820.

Option 04 Ninja Dera

Backdoors, false ceilings, hatches and other hidden items, welcome to Myoryuji temple. At first glance this building does not look like it could have the nickname Ninja-Dera temple.  Behind any unimposing facade is quite a different reality. With more than twenty-three rooms, many stairs and three floors, this maze was for a large number of samurai to hide easily and protect the lord during his prayers or during military preparations. The primary purpose of the temple was not pious but tactical. Indeed, there are fantastical traps abound: a door leading to different places according to the way you open it, mysterious ascending and descending stairs, deadly bridge could collapse with the touch of a finger…and still dozens more secrets worthy of adventure films. This house of traps is said to have secret tunnels leading to Kanazawa Castle.

Entrance fee (separated from Tour price, to be purchased on the spot)>
Adults : JPY1,000 per person / Elementary-High school  JPY700 per person

Option 05: Nagamachi Samurai District

Southeast of Kanazawa Castle lies the Nagamachi Samurai District,  a neighborhood where the samurai of the powerful Maeda clan—the rulers of Kanazawa and the old Kaga Domain—once lived. Take a stroll back in time and absorb the lifestyle of the samurai during the Edo period (1603-1867).

Option 06: Omicho Market

Omicho Market has been Kanazawa’s largest fresh food market since the Edo Period. Today, it is a busy and colorful network of covered streets lined by about 200 shops and stalls. While most shops specialize in the excellent local seafood and produce, you can also find flowers, clothing, kitchen tools and more on sale.

Option 07: Kenrokuen Garden

Kenrokuen Garden is a beautiful Japanese garden with an area of 11.4 hectares located on the heights of the central part of Kanazawa and next to Kanazawa Castle. The Maeda family, who ruled the Kaga Clan (the present Ishikawa and Toyama areas) in feudal times, maintained the garden from generation to generation. From its scale and beauty, it is regarded as one of the most beautiful feudal lords’ gardens in Japan.

Kenrokuen, which means “having six factors”, was given the name because of the six attributes that bring out the perfect landscape of the garden: spaciousness, tranquility, artifice, antiquity, water cources, and magnificent view from the garden.

Entrance fee (separated from Tour price, to be purchased on the spot)>
Adults : JPY310 per person / 6-18 years old :  JPY100 per person

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