Anime Discovery (from Tokyo)

Discover the exhilarating world of Japanese pop culture

~ USD 704.67

Discover the exhilarating world of Japanese pop culture

~ USD 704.67

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  • Toyota Alphard 1-5 People, 2-6 SuitcasesStart Time: 10:00
  • Hiace Grand Cabin1-8 People, 9 SuitcasesStart Time: 10:00
  • Hiace Luxury Cabin1-8 People (with 6 premium leather seats and 2 foldable seats), 9 SuitcasesStart Time: 10:00
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1 Day (9 Hours)
Availability : Daily

You can pick your hotel, Haneda Airport, a train station or any other location as long as it is located within TOKYO CITY.

If you would like our assistance in reaching TOKYO, please book a customized bespoke tour instead.


+ Vehicle designated in selected package (either a Toyota Alphard, Hi Ace Grand Cabin or Hi Ace Luxury Cabin)

+ English speaking driver (the driver is not a guide & may only have basic English skills)

+ Tolls, Highway Fees, Parking Fees, Fuel (and other associated vehicle costs for this itinerary)


Pick a date & package; press the PROCEED BOOKING button. The next screen will offer you the option to add on a REGION EXPERT (a local guide with expert knowledge of the area, its history and culture) for an additional fee. Other add-ons may also be available.


This private package tour will start at a location of your choice within TOKYO and then proceed to your chosen destination options.

Please type in three options from the following after pressing the PROCEED BOOKING button.

Option 01: Akihabara Gamers Main Branch (Recommended)

Option 02: Nakano Broadway (Recommended)

Option 03: Kanda Myojin Shrine (Recommended)

Option 04: Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo

Option 05: Otome Road Ikebukuro


Anime and Manga are big parts of modern Japanese culture now, capturing the hearts of millions worldwide. Live out your fantasies as you explore the exhilarating world of Japanese pop culture.

After picking you up in one of our luxurious private vehicles in Japan’s busy capital, Tokyo, we will drive you to the three Japan’s hottest anime spots of your choice.

Option 01: Akihabara Gamers Main Branch (Recommended)

Anime Discovery Akihabara Gamers Main Branch

Dive into otaku culture and pick up the latest merchandise of your favorite anime and voice actors at the Akihabara Gamers Shop. The seven-story store carries mainly bishōjo, or “beautiful girl” anime, and voice actor merchandise. There is a wide variety of items, which range from magazines, DVDs, and CDs to character goods.

Option 02: Nakano Broadway (Recommended)

Nakano Broadway is a shopping complex in Tokyo famous for its many stores selling anime items and idol goods, inlcuding more than a dozen small Mandarake stores, which specialize in manga and anime related collectibles. Nakano Broadway is also special in its focus on Showa-era nostalgia and retro goods, such as old-fashioned film cameras, original manga and anime cell prints, trinkets from ’60s and ’70s pop culture and more.

Option 03: Kanda Myojin Shrine (Recommended)

Anime Discovery Kanda Myojin Shrine

Pray for prosperity, good luck and marriage at the Kanda Myojin Shrine, where three major gods are enshrined. The unique part of this shrine is how it collaborates with anime. Located near Akihabara which is also known as the town of otaku culture, you can find festival posters, souvenirs, and charms with anime characters drawn on Kanda Myojin Shrine.

Option 04: Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo

Anime Discovery Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo

Pokemon is inarguably one of the most followed and renowned series in Japan. Open since the end of 2014, this mega-shop offers big selection of Pokemon goods in Japan, including lots of limited-edition items. You’ll find everything from Pokemon-themed ramen, curry and candies to tableware, slippers and stationery. There are also a few arcade games at the front of the store.

Option 05: Otome Road Ikebukuro

Anime Discovery Otome Road Ikebukuro

If you are looking for girly manga, this is the place to go!  Otome Road (translates as Maiden Road) is filled with shops carrying merchandise targeted towards women, hence the word “otome”. Otome Road has also been called “Fujoshi Street” because most of the anime and doujinshi merchandise in the area cater to the boys’ love genre.

The tour will end with us dropping you off at a location of your choice in Tokyo.

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