Fuji Golf Holiday (from Tokyo)

Gain access to one of Japan's exclusive and best Golf courses
Gain access to one of Japan's exclusive and best Golf courses
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2 Day (10 Hours per day)
Availability : All year round
This is an exclusive Golf membership package and can only be booked by members of the Grand Fields Country Club or through Japan Private Tour website.
After you proceed with your booking, we ask of you to send us your business/name card as an identification.
Toyota Alphard
HiAce Grand Cabin
HiAce Luxury Cabin



You can pick your hotel, Haneda Airport, a train station or any other location as long as it is located within TOKYO CITY.



+ Vehicle designated in selected package (either a Toyota Alphard, Hi Ace Grand Cabin or Hi Ace Luxury Cabin)

+ English speaking driver (the driver is not a guide & may only have basic English skills)

+ Tolls, Highway Fees, Parking Fees, Fuel (and other associated vehicle costs for this itinerary)

+ Region Expert (a local guide with expert knowledge of the area, its history and culture)



Select a date & package; press the PROCEED BOOKING button. The following page will offer you the option to input the number of players as well as their additional fees. (Play Fee*)

*The Play Fee includes Greenfi, Caddy, and Passenger Cart for 1 round (6 hours per day)


DAY 01 (10 hours)

This private package tour will start at a location of your choice within TOKYO and then proceed to your chosen destination.

(Suggested time: 09:00 AM – 19:00 PM)


Destination 01: Grand Fields Country Club (Full Course)Fuji Golf Escape Grand Fields Country Club Private Package Tour

Unique country club experience in an exquisitely Japanese setting. In the western foothills of the Hakone
mountains, lies a vast Japanese garden. It is a world-class championship golf course, and the home of one of
Japan’s most exclusive country clubs.

Fuji Golf Escape Grand Fields Country Club Private Package Tour

The awesome majesty of Japan’s tallest mountain, Mount Fuji, is universally recognized as symbol of the Japan’s culture and heritage. Dominating the landscape to the north. it forms an ideal backdrop to the garden-like ambience of the Grand Field courses.

In Course and Out Course

Fuji Golf Escape Grand Fields Country Club Private Package Tour

  • Clubhouse
  • Restaurant
  • Bath & Locker Room
  • Competition room
  • Refresh salon
  • Practice area
  • Teahouse
  • Five passenger cart
  • Hotel & Guide

Fuji Golf Escape Grand Fields Country Club Private Package Tour

The tour then will continue the next day. We recommend you to stay the night at The Hiramatsu Hotels and Resort, Gora Kadan or Hyatt Regency Hakone Resort and Spa. We can help you reserve it, please inquire.


DAY 02 (10 hours)

This private package tour will start at the hotel of your choice and then proceed to your chosen destination options.

(Suggested time: 09:00 AM – 19:00 PM)

Please type in three options from the following after pressing the PROCEED BOOKING button.

Option 01: Atami Castle (Recommended)

Option 02: Kinomiya Shrine (Recommended)

Option 03: Museum of Art (MOA) Atami (Recommended)

Option 04: Kiunkaku Former Ryokan


Option 01: Atami Castle (Recommended)

Atami Castle (熱海城, Atamijō) was built as a tourist attraction in 1959 on a mountaintop overlooking Atami despite the fact that the city historically never had such a castle. The touristy concrete complex houses an exhibition about the different castles of Japan. Visitors can also dress up in Edo Period costumes and try solving Japanese riddles. A game center and erotic ukiyo-e exhibition is located in the building’s basement.


Option 02: Kinomiya Shrine

Kinomiya Jinja Shrine, has long been known as an auspicious place where the God of fortune and luck resides.  In Japan there is the belief that there are 8 million Gods “Yaoyorozuno Kami” and that “Gods dwell in all things of nature”.  For this very reason, shrines differ from temples as shrines have sacred water and sacred trees whereas temples have statues of Buddha.
Kinomiya shrine has a natural designated monument, a sacred tree called “Okusu” which is more than 2,000 years old.


Option 03: Museum of Art (MOA) Atami (Recommended)

Fuji Golf Holiday Museum of Art Atami Private Package Tour

The MOA Museum of Art (MOA, MOA Bijutsukan) is spectacularly located on the slopes above Atami and exhibits an impressive collection of Japanese and East Asian art. The MOA Museum of Art was opened in 1982 by the Mokichi Okada Association (MOA). Okada Mokichi was an avid art collector who lived from 1882 to 1955 and also founded the Hakone Museum of Art in Gora. Among the exhibits in MOA are three national treasures and numerous important cultural properties, including paintings, works of calligraphy, sculptures and other crafts. The museum also features a Japanese style garden with tea houses and a noh theater.


Option 04: Kiunkaku Former Ryokan

Kiunkaku was built in 1919 by a shipping magnate to serve as his private villa. In 1947 the property became a ryokan where it continued to serve guests until 1999. During this time various rooms and buildings were added, which were designed in a Japanese architectural style with Western and East Asian influenced interior design. One of the more striking of these rooms is the facility’s Roman-style tiled baths.



The tour will end with us dropping you off at a location of your choice in TOKYO.

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