Hot Spring Getaway: Kusatsu Onsen (from Nagano)

Immerse yourself in centuries-old bathing tradition

~ USD 129.78

Immerse yourself in centuries-old bathing tradition

~ USD 129.78

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1 Day (12 Hours)
Availability : All year round

You can pick your hotel, Kansai Airport, a train station or any other location as long as it is located within NAGANO CITY.

If you would like our assistance in reaching NAGANO, please book a customized bespoke tour instead.





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This private package tour will start at a location of your choice within NAGANO and then proceed to your chosen destination options.

Please type in three options from the following options after pressing the PROCEED BOOKING button.

Option 01: Yubatake (Recommended)

Option 02: Sai no Kawara Outdoor Bath (Recommended)

Option 03: Sai no Kawara Street (Recommended)

Option 04: Netsu no Yu Bathhouse

Option 05: Shirane Shrine

Option 06: Otaki no Yu

Option 07: Goza no Yu



Kusatsu Onsen is a small town nestled in mountains where visitors can experience nature all year round. Although its population is only around 7,000, it welcomes some three million tourists every year. Kusatsu Onsen is one of Japan’s most famous hot spring resorts and is blessed with large volumes of high quality hot spring water said to cure every illness. Just strolling around the old-world streets will allow you to experience true Japanese culture through the mixture of hot springs, restaurants, local shops and even beautiful nature.

We start off in the capital and largest city of Nagano Prefecture, Nagano, located just two hours away from Kusatsu Onsen. After picking you up in one of our luxurious private vehicles, we will drive you through some truly spectacular countryside views to the four destinations of your choice.


Option 01: Yubatake  (Recommended)

Yubatake Kusatsu Onsen Private Package Tour

The Yubatake  is the symbol of Kusatsu and one of the resort’s main sources of hot spring water. In fact, with an output of 5000 liters per minute, the yubatake ranks among Japan’s single most productive hot spring sources. After bubbling to the surface at a temperature of more than 70 degrees Celsius and with a pleasant sulfur odor, the hot spring water is cooled down in the yubatake’s wooden conduits by a few degrees before it gets distributed to the various ryokan and public baths.

Option 02: Sai no Kawara Outdoor Bath (Recommended)

Sainokawara Onsen Private Package Tour

This large public open air bath (rotenburo) in Sainokawara Park is one of Japan’s largest. The large outdoor bath is separated for men and women, and at 500 meters square can comfortably accommodate up to one hundred people at a time, making this a good choice for larger groups. Fed by the Bandai hot water springs containing acidic chloride sulphate, and recommended for conditions including chronic digestive diseases and recovery from illness, the vast bath also features a hot waterfall-like cascade.

Entrance fee (separate from Tour price, to be purchased on the spot)

Adults: JPY600 yen per person; Children: JPY300 per person


Option 03: Sai no Kawara Street (Recommended)

Sainokawara Street Private Package Tour

This is a lively street that extends from Yubatake to Sai-ho-Kawara Park. Lining the street are traditional Japanese style inns that have accommodated visitors since the 19th century and shop selling traditional sweets.

Option 03: Netsu no Yu Bathhouse

Netsu no Yu Yumomi Private Package Tour

The temperature of the Kusatsu onsen water is from 51°C to 94°C, which is too hot to bathe in. Yumomi (water stirring) is a way to lower the temperature without cutting it with cold water. The water from the spring is stirred with boards that are 30 cm wide and 180 cm long while the song is sung. Netsu no Yu, which is located near Yubatake, is recommended for its yumomi and dance show.

Yumomi is the centuries-old method employed to cool down Kusatsu’s hot spring water to bathing temperature without diluting it with cold water and thus attenuating its special qualities. The cooling is achieved by stirring the water using large wooden paddles and is carried out by a troupe of locals who incorporate traditional folk songs and dance into the process.

Entrance fee (separate from Tour price, to be purchased on the spot)

Adults: JPY600 yen per person; Children: JPY300 per person


Option 04: Shirane Shrine

Shirane Shrine Private Package Tour

Enshrined here is the god Yamato Takeru, who is said to have discoverd Kusatsu Hot Spring. Climbing the steep stone stairs from Yudaki Dori, a street lined with souvenir shops, will bring you to a hill that overlooks entire spa resort. Surrounded by trees, the shrine precincts are a world apart from the spa’s downtown. At the shrine’s lively festival each year on July 17 & 18, more than ten portable shrines are paraded through the town.


Option 05: Otaki no Yu

This bathing facility has “Awaseyu”, the way of bathing in several bathtubs with different temperature from low to high, while it also holds large bathhouse, open-air bath and sauna. Awase-yu offers visitors to experience the unique way of Kusatsu Onsen.

Entrance fee (separate from Tour price, to be purchased on the spot)

Adults: JPY900 yen per person, Children: JPY400 per person


Option 07: Goza no Yu

Goza no Yu Private Package Tour

Famous public bathing facility in the period of late 19th century through early 20th century is now rebuilt near Yubatake, the symbol of Kusatsu Onsen. It holds “Ki no Yu” and “Ishi no Yu” bathouses and visitors can enjoy bathing both Yubatake source and Bandai source of hot springs within each bathhouse. This is unique to Kusatsu where holds abundant quantity of hot springs.

Entrance fee (separate from Tour price, to be purchased on the spot)

Adults: JPY600 yen per person; Children: JPY300 per person



The tour will end with us dropping you off at a location of your choice in Nagano.

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