Luxury Experiences

Indulge your senses in unique Japanese experiences only we can offer

Some experiences are exclusive. Others are exclusive.

Whether you want to sample the last remaining bottle of a fine whiskey, or want to attend to an invitation only
dining experience with a world famous chef, we can get you access to your wildest dreams in Japan.

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Luxury Accommodation

Unwind in style after a leisurely day of experiences and adventure

Unwind from your day in

authentic Japanese rooms

Whether your explorations take you to the heart of Tokyo or a rustic village in southern Kyushu, we will use our vast network of friends, partners & contacts to find you truly authentic, magical & absolutely gorgeous accommodation options that meet your exact specifications. From the elegant suites of Aman Kyoto to an ancient Japanese Geisha house turned hotel or an exclusive ferry cabin, our offerings are almost limitless.

Upscale Japanese Dining

Treat your taste buds to some magical culinary experiences

Feast upon the

most succulent Japanese cuisine

Food is one of life's greatest pleasures. In Japan, food is an art form, from the delicate hands of the chef to the last morsel. Discover exclusive dining experiences, from Michelin starred street food, to exquisitely presented dinners artfully prepared in front of your eyes by world renowned chefs. JAPAN PRIVATE TOUR has the resources, partnerships and connections required to reserve exclusive dining experiences unavailable to most travellers. We will also send gastronomically experienced guides who will interpret for you, explain the history behind the cuisine and help you make the most of your dining experience.

VIP Shopping Experiences

Shopping in Japan elevated to an art form

Shop like royalty at

Japan's oldest and most respected shopping outlets

Shopping at centuries old Japanese shopping institutions such as Isetan and Mitsukoshi is a magical experience in and of itself. If you truly want to shop yourself senseless, JAPAN PRIVATE TOUR can reserve the entire department store just for you and get you access to the special private VIP areas and reserved for the most distinguished of shoppers. Additionally, our meticulously trained executive guides will accompany, interpret, give style suggestions and more.

Unique Cultural Experiences

Explore exclusive Japanese cultural experiences granted to the select few

Immerse yourself in

luxury Japanese experiences like no other

Whether you want a private kaiseki dinner with entertainment provided by a maiko or geisha of the highest order, or a private night out on a yacht in the Tokyo Bay, JAPAN PRIVATE TOUR can organise the experience of your dreams for you.

Exclusive Health & Beauty Services

Medical care and beauty treatments that matter

Unique medical treatments & beauty-care services

that grant you the gift of living your best life

Skin Revitalisation, Cancer Prevention, other medical related check ups and surgery, other cosmetic procedures. We provide interpretation service for those with difficulty understanding Japanese. It will allow you to establish good communication between you and the clinic. Whatever your specific needs may be, our expert interpreter will personally assist you during the consultation, so you can get the best result through out the procedures. We also arrange the appointment for your convenience.

Luxury Overland Travel

When travel itself becomes an experience

Train journeys and private transportation

that spark your imagination

Travelling by land can be a wonderful way to experience the scenery and magic of a country like Japan. From serene lakes brimming with crystal clear water to untouched wilderness, the possibilities are endless. We offer bookings & reservations on some of the most exclusive and expensive luxury travel options available in Japan, from luxurious sleeper trains with hand-crafted spacious cabins to chauffeured luxury vehicles.

Luxury Air Travel

Private jets & helicopters to complement discerning lifestyles

Travel in luxury

with a private jet between Japan & anywhere in the world

We offer a variety of luxury air travel options for the discerning traveller. Visit and depart Japan on a private plane with bottle service, explore its amazing nature & sights from the sky on a private helicopter.

Do you want to indulge in the luxurious side of Japan?

Pricing for luxury experiences

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The price will include 12 hours private car usage, 12 hours Personal Travel Attendant, 12 hours Personal Shopper, access to exclusive activities or experiences, and a designated experienced member of our team will be on standby throughout your time here